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We at CBH India are here to break the stigma around the cannabis plants with an approach to educate the masses of their true value. We are focused on a renewed approach to policing cannabis and a reframed approach focusing on the development of medical marijuana in India, recreational, and industrial products in India.


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Why Join Cannabis House India

Cannabis House India is an open resource that enables users to connect and share their stories and experiences. Individuals and brands of any professional level can use this platform to create and advertise their expertise by offering products and services directly. While brands can generate revenue, customers can easily satisfy their desire to learn while also promoting the value of cannabis in India.

1) Make New Friends & Connect to new startups

Cannabis house India platform enables you to meet new people who share the same interest, find cannabis products, give reviews, find new Cannabis brands locally and Internationally.

Cannabis has industrial uses, and because it’s a growing industry, new Indian startups are popping every year that you don’t want to miss out on. We’re seeing Indian companies introduce hemp (a product of the cannabis plant) into the formal market and develop lifestyle products around it.

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2) Buy & Sell your Cannabis product

Cannabis House India enables entrepreneurs and small business owners to effectively manage customer relationships while also handling marketing and product management, saving vendors time and money. CBH India aims to provide an all-in-one system that actively assists small business owners and cannabis brands in growing and expanding their businesses. CBH India’s team works to address a variety of business development needs in order to assist independent businesses & brands in doing what they’re doing best: providing high-quality cannabis products and services to their customers.

Your search for the best cannabis/hemp products ends here: from CBD oil, Hemp products, Medical Cannabis Products, hemp clothes, and cannabis accessories! you can buy & sell everything!

3) Help break the taboo

Normalization of the historically taboo territory is a difficult task, especially in today’s diverse cultural climate. Every year, new studies on its effects are published that supports evidence of physical well-being. With years of research on cannabis plants, people have realized the enormous benefits of it which are not fully understood in the current world. Every time positive evidence is brought to the forefront of the media, the conversation about medical cannabis is pushed forward towards political acceptance.

CBH India connects cannabis enthusiasts who see the true potential of this marvelous plant.

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