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Calming for muscles like the mind, relaxing, anti-inflammatory: no longer a secret, CBD has many virtuous effects that explain its immense success among consumers around the world. However, cannabidiol is still a relatively “new” product on the European market, sometimes raising doubts among the uninitiated, especially as clear dose (dose and frequency of intake) is not always indicated on the packaging. This comprehensive guide addresses this gap by helping you Better consume your hemp oil or any other CBD product for optimal distribution in the body.

CBD spread: general tips to optimize it

Before we dwell on the various legally marketed CBD cannabis products a bit more, some general tips are worth mentioning.

  • If your CBD product contains dosage or advice for use, follow the recommendations on the packaging as a priority.
  • The diffusion of CBD in the body it is faster on inhalation (vaporization), then sublingual (under the tongue), then ingestion. The cutaneous route, for its part, is reserved for localized effects and does not extend to the entire organism.
  • The ideal dose of CBD It largely depends on the individual (body size, mood, consumption habits in particular). The law of effect explains why we all react to cannabinoids differently. Therefore, always prefer to start with a low dose and then gradually increase. Too much CBD won’t give you anything else and could, on the contrary, lead to a form of addiction.
  • TO CBD product in broad or full spectrum It has more pronounced and varied effects than a simple CBD isolate – this is called the entourage effect. If you can, prefer products that combine CBD with other cannabinoids (CBG in particular), as well as the terpenes naturally present in the plant.
  • Cannabinoids are fat soluble molecules. To allow your body to assimilate them properly, therefore, associate any CBD intake with a fatty substance if the product does not contain any (infusions in particular).

The diffusion of CBD oil is rapid and its mode of ingestion is particularly gentle.
The diffusion of CBD oil is rapid and its mode of ingestion is particularly gentle.

CBD oils are theone of the healthiest, smoothest and fastest ways to experience the effects of CBD. They are also very easy to use, making them one of the favorite products of CBD users. To properly consume your hemp oil, all you need to do is put a few drops directly under your tongue, wait 30 to 45 seconds (effects will be faster), then swallow.

If you don’t like the bitter and earthy taste characteristic of cannabis light, you can hide the taste placing the drops on a sugar, diluting them in a tablespoon of honey or cooking them. Our CBD cookie recipe may inspire you!

E-liquids: rapid diffusion of CBD

Fill the tank of your electronic cigarette, light it: ready!
Fill the tank of your electronic cigarette, light it: ready!

CBD e-liquids are used like any other e-liquid – Just fill your e-cigarette’s tank, light it up, and then enjoy a relaxing vaporizer. Our dedicated guide to CBD e-liquids and their consumption gives you many tips for choosing your e-liquid and adjusting your electronic cigarette. You will learn in particular thattoo high a temperature is not good for CBD : for a good diffusion of CBD in your body, prefer a moderate power (30 watts is enough) and a resistance between 0.6 and 1 Ohm, depending on your vaping preferences. This will allow you not to damage the molecule, soget better effects. The vape is the faster way to spread CBD, you should feel the first effects a few minutes after starting your session, and usually from one hour after spraying.

CBD Infusion – An Extremely Simple Dose

Nothing could be easier than making a CBD hemp infusion – it’s done as a classic tea or herbal infusion. Scoop your mixture into a tea ball, pour over simmering water, add a fatty substance (a little whole milk for example) and a few minutes later, you’re done! The diffusion of CBD by ingestion is relatively slow. (up to several hours), explaining a simple dose: one or two tablespoons of the mixture, two or three times a day. Spacing the catches a few hours apart allows you to enjoy the product to the end.

Here again, we have thought of you and put together a complete guide that explains in detail the effects of hemp infusions, how to use them, store them and even include two recipes to make yourself. This is the goal of hemp infusions: the potential for flavor and effect combinations is endless !

What dose of your CBD crystals?

CBD crystals, sometimes referred to as CBD wax, are the purest form of cannabidiol, mined and sold as a solid and easy to break isolate. Pure, its diffusion is very fast. However, there is no no general dose since if you can use them directly in inhalation, you can also use them in other preparations – CBD crystals are the favorite product of DIY enthusiasts (do it yourself)! In order to find the correct dose and the correct frequency of intakeTherefore, you will have to rely more on the type of product prepared than on the fact that it is crystals.

In particular, you can:

  • Create your own e-liquid integrating them in a neutral base (propylene glycol / vegetable glycerin),
  • Make your oil(we have a homemade CBD oil recipe for you),
  • Innovate by making, for example, your own CBD Moon Rock Ice (resin-rolled flowers, then crystals).

However, be careful not to have too heavy a hand – crystals can reach 99% CBD!

CBD flowers: dosage and frequency of use.

Although legal, CBD cannabis flowers should not be smoked
Although legal, CBD cannabis flowers should not be smoked

CBD flowers are, to the naked eye, perfectly similar to black market marijuana buds. However, they do not contain a THC level (0.2% max. According to European laws) sufficient to get you high or addicted to the plant. Although it is perfectly legal, it is still forbidden to smoke them.

So can infuser, cutting them into large chunks and then using them as a classic mix. You can also use a plant material spray, like the Pax 3, for enjoy the aromas and effects of your favorite CBD cannabis strain while avoiding the risks (legal and health) related to the combustion of the flower. The advantage of this vaporizer is that you have two bowls of different capacities for the herbs: so you can use the large bowl for more widely spaced vapes or low concentration CBD flowers (up to 8% CBD), and the half bowl if you wish . closer vaping sessions and / or flowers with a higher concentration of cannabidiol.

Still here, dosage and frequency of use may vary depending on your profile. If you’re just starting out, prefer the half bowl, even if that means filling it up next time: don’t lock yourself in too arbitrary a dose It allows you to better understand your body’s reactions and not waste the product.

Gentle diffusion for your CBD pollens and resins

Like CBD flowers, pollen (drier) and resins (stickier) are not meant to be smoked. However, you can also infuse or use them in your spray prefer. The advantage of inhalation is then also possible the rapidity of the effects, compared in particular with the use for cooking or baking.

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