Survey: 45% of French doctors are in favor of a “supervised” legalization of cannabis


The International Journal of Medicine (JIM) asked its readers: almost one in two doctors is in favor “The supervised authorization of consumption and production” of cannabis. Among the 1,164 people surveyed, nearly a quarter (24%) asked for a “Strengthening of sanctions”, 15% vote for the status quo and 12% for decriminalization.

Survey conducted by International Journal of Medicine, March 15 to April 4, 2021

This survey should not be taken at face value. “This is not an IFOP survey, conducted according to the quota rule. It is a questionnaire on the home page of the site, to answer it you must be a JIM subscriber, specifies Aurélie Haroche, editor-in-chief, contacted by Newsweed. It is a weather forecast, it gives a clue to what the doctors think. “

The readers of this site, the second most visited among healthcare professionals, are primarily independent physicians. A profession marked to the right of the political spectrum. “At the moment we see that some mayors Los Republicanos talk about legalizing cannabis, so I think doctors are following the same trend “considers the editor-in-chief.

Bitterly opposed medical academy

But a not inconsiderable part of doctors remains attached to the prohibition of cannabis among JIM readers. ” This is not a statistical survey. It is a simple illustration of the active fringe of opinion, in a public also ill-defined. The only scientifically reasonable attitude is temporary experimentation “, denounces Dr. Pierre Rimbaud, in the space dedicated to comments.

The Academy of Medicine is fiercely opposed to legalization. This institution, which represents 135 professors, highlights ” the Dnow very solid scientific data, on cardiovascular toxicitiesvascular, cerebrovascular, pulmonary, psychiatric, immune system cannabis’. The Academy also aims «LBrain vulnerability of adolescents and young adults to THC (related with his brain maturation not yet completed, and that will only be 25 years) “.

To know the global point of view of doctors in relation to cannabis you have to wait a few months. Before each presidential election, the IFOP polling institute interrogates health professionals about major political issues. Undoubtedly, in 2022 an evolution of the legislation around cannabis will be debated.

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